Working alongside our professional and talented team, We offer existing and aspiring models an industry level photo shoot experience that will go on to form the basis of a high-standard portfolio.


Models, regardless of their age or sex, must have a current portfolio in order to find work, thus it is imperative that each one speaks volumes about their individual look, ability and personality.


Portfolio USB

Thanks to 20 years of modelling experience and a strong knowledge of what potential employers and agencies are on the lookout for, We are able to provide models with portfolios that meet the industry’s exact requirements.

Rest assured, our team are incredibly knowledgeable about this line of work; their CVs are packed with impressive names, brands and individuals that they have worked with and continue working with.


In a world that’s obsessed with having an online presence, eBooks are becoming extremely sought after. In short, an eBook is a model’s portfolio on the internet, a professional website that’s dedicated to one’s modelling career.


A personal eBook will feature ten-strong images from the photoshoot experience, personal model statistics, a unique Z-card and a list of current contact details. These features allow a model to market themselves to potential employers and agencies with great ease, and, if they so wish, employers and agencies to contact models directly.


  • Global reach.
  • An online presence
  • A professional and personal website
  • A professional and personal email account
  • An easy to download and printable Z-card
  • Instant access to a model’s contact details
  • Innovative slide shows to show off a model’s portfolio pictures
  • Marketing tool


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